Bensons Best Program


What are Benson’s Best rewards? 
Every time you use your Benson’s Best account, you will earn points on qualifying purchases. 

How do I earn Points?
Every Dollar you spend in Benson’s Pet Center earns points, the number of points per dollar will vary depending on the item and certain promotions. Get to 500 points and you earn $10 in Benson's Best credit! 

What items do not qualify for points?
The purchase of clearance items and the purchase of Gift Cards do not qualify for points. 

How do I use my Points?
For every 500 points, you accumulate you will receive a $10 credit that can be used for any in-store purchase, except the purchase of Gift Cards.

bensons best benefits

General Terms and Conditions.

While not required for basic benefits, members must provide a valid email address to receive full benefits associated with the Benson’s Best Membership Rewards Program. No purchase is necessary to become a member. Members must be a legal resident  of the United States and 18 years of age or older to participate in the program.

Benson’s Best membership is nontransferable and may only be used by a member’s household for personal benefit. Member benefits cannot be combined with benefits accrued by another member. Benson’s Pet Center reserves the right to request proper identification with regard to Benson’s Best transactions. Member benefits will not be applied retroactively to any prior purchases.

Members are responsible for maintaining accurate and updated personal information with Benson’s Pet Center. A change to this information can be done over the phone or at our Customer Service desk. 

Points accrual will be  based on member’s qualifying purchases at any Benson’s Pet Center location. Qualifying purchases exclude purchases of gift cards & clearance items. Points are calculated after discounts, rewards, and coupons and before sales tax. 

Returns will be deducted from members point accrual for members most recent prior transactions.

(Negative balances may result.)

Benson’s Pet Center reserves the right to modify or suspend, or terminate the Benson’s Best program at any time without notice.

The Benson’s Best program is not a credit card. The program has no cash value.