Benson's CARES - Our 501(c)(3)

Our Mission

Benson’s CARES mission is to minimize pet abandonment and assist in the healthy care of homeless pets until they can be adopted into permanent homes. We seek to accomplish that mission by providing animal rescue groups and animal shelters in upstate New York that are in need of pet supplies with no-cost pet food and other pet care necessities. Benson’s CARES is very proud that they are able to pursue their mission without charging a fee to any party.

Benson’' CARES reaches out to pet supply manufacturers and vendors to request and collect donations of their product(s), especially pet food, but also litter, toys, beds, bowls, collars and any other available supplies. We focus mainly on cat and dog products but will occasionally collect goods that serve other types of pets as well. We store these products until they are needed, at which point we distribute them to animal care charities and rescue groups that we know well and have vetted over time. Our recipients this year have included Rottie Empire Rescue in Saratoga Springs, NY and The Mr. Mo project out of Clifton Park, NY among many others. Benson’s CARES also places collection bins in our local pet supply stores so that the stores’ customers can donate purchased items. Additionally, Benson’s CARES places donation jugs on the check-out counter of those same pet supply stores, resulting in very modest cash donations.

Our collection and distribution activities extend to eastern and central New York. Collection efforts are constantly underway, especially considering that our collection bins are being filled by generous store customers throughout business hours. Benson’s CARES. empties these bins roughly twice a month and solicits directly from vendors on approximately the same schedule. Distribution of the goods to charities and rescue groups in need occur three days a week, each week, depending on their needs.

For additional information on Benson’s CARES and how you can help support our efforts in the community, please call our Clifton Park office (518) 383-5418 ext. 111