Dogit Disposable Diapers 35-55lb 12pk


Dogit Disposable Diapers 35-55lb 12pk

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Dogit Clean Disposable dog diapers provide comfortable and reliable protection against leaks due to incontinency excitable urination females in heat and dogs recovering from lower body surgery. Ideal for preventing messy stains in homes or vehicles during travel the diapers are super absorbent and provide a secure leak-resistant fit thanks to convenient stick-on tabs. Minimize pet accidents with these Dogit Disposable Diapers. They are made out of synthetic polymer material and intended to fit canines ranging from 35 to 55 lbs in weight. These leak-proof diapers are designed to be easy to put and remove and include a secure closure for an optimal fit. They can be used to help with incontinence in older dogs as well as for potty training puppies. This style is also well suited for easily excitable animals and those who are in heat. Each pack contains 12 individual pet diapers.

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