Critterville Brisby Large Hamster Cage | Includes ALL Accessories


Critterville Brisby Large Hamster Cage | Includes ALL Accessories

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Exhausted from searching for a hamster cage that is large enough for your hamster? Then search no more! The two story Brisby Hamster Cage by MidWest is larger than most hamster cages on the market today and is a modular design so you can connect onto other habitats or play areas. This hamster cage is fully equipped with everything you need to get started including a hamster wheel food dish water bottle & hamster hide away. The large extra deep 4.75-inch base eliminates bedding from scattering around the cage and caters to your hamster s instinctual desire to burrow by providing approx. 340 sq. inches of space. The entire hamster cage measures 23.6L x 14.4W x 11.8H inches & the large 6.5-inch exercise wheel is conveniently placed between the two floors (*NOTE* this Brisby hamster cage features a 6.6 diameter exercise wheel whereas the Favola features a small 5.5 diameter exercise wheel). The ladder & top floor are solid plastic and safe for hamsters. The top wire portion of the cage features a durable bla

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