Petmate Compass Dog Kennel, 30-50 lbs, 32"

Petmate- Jw- Chuckit

Petmate Compass Dog Kennel, 30-50 lbs, 32"

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Versatile 2-way door design allows for easy access and assistance for pets entering and exiting the expandable entranceFeatures slide assembly with 4 bolts for securityHeavy-duty construction and steel door provides a secure outer shell to withstand the rigors of travel while staying comfortable for petsVentilation openings that surround the kennel provide easier visibility and a fresh flow of air so pets can breathe easy during travelSince introducing the first dog kennel over 50 years ago, Petmate has gone to great lengths to continue improving the lives of pet owners everywhere with a line of quality products

Pm Compass Kennel White/ Black32"