KONG Natural Rubber Teething Chew Puppy Toy  Small


KONG Natural Rubber Teething Chew Puppy Toy Small

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This Kong Puppy Toy is an ideal product for fun and training with your beloved pet. This pet accessory comes in three sizes to best suit the puppy s needs. The toy also comes in three different bright and fun colors. The Kong Puppy rubber toys are made of all-natural rubber. This allows for the product to be durable and strong against puppy teeth. The design also meets the needs of young puppies 28 teeth. The Kong design is used to help dogs learn the appropriate chewing behaviors. It also works to satisfy a younger pup s instinctual needs to chew. The puppy treat toys also bounce which makes it fun for dogs to chase and catch. The hole at the top of the product can be filled with dog food or treats. It can also be filled with peanut butter. This can help keep puppies busy while owners are away or busy. The Kong Puppy Toy is also essential in aiding with crate training and making it more enjoyable for puppies. The various sizes offered allow you to buy this toy as your puppy grows.

Kong Small Puppy

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