Hikari® Tropical Algae Wafers? Fish Food 2.89 Oz


Hikari® Tropical Algae Wafers? Fish Food 2.89 Oz

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Help your tropical fish stay happy and healthy while promoting optimal growth and development with this package of Hikari Tropical Algae Wafers. They feature a specially formulated blend of premium ingredients that help promote growth and overall bodily health in aquatic herbivorous creatures. This 2.89 oz box makes it easy to stock up on high-quality wafer fish food to help your aquatic pets enjoy better health and optimal nutrition. The special shape of each disk allows them to sink quickly for all species in your fish tank to enjoy. These Hikari algae wafers are made using a scientifically selected blend of nutrient-rich aquatic plant ingredients and even feature spirulina for optimal nutrition. Each disc contains higher levels of vegetable matter than other algae disk foods available today. The conveniently sized package fits beneath many different aquarium stands and is compact enough to be stored close to the tank with other fish food.

Hik 2.89Oz Algae Wafer