Marineland Penguin Power Filter  200B - 30 to 50 gal - 200 GPH


Marineland Penguin Power Filter 200B - 30 to 50 gal - 200 GPH

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For more than 40 years Marineland has been committed to fishkeeping success. By applying biological science advanced engineering and imagination to fishkeeping Marineland continues to be the leader in innovative aquatic environments & equipment. Today that spirit of innovation is alive and well at Marineland. Whatever your passion ? fresh or saltwater big or small ? count on Marineland to bring you the most reliable the most technically advanced the highest quality aquariums and accessories on the market. All Penguin BIO-Wheel Power Filters deliver easy three-stage mechanical chemical and biological aquarium filtration. Convenient Penguin Rite-Size Filter Cartridges come ready to use with each filter...ready to mechanically and chemically remove waste discoloration and odors. Each contains new faster-acting Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon for maximum efficiency. Biological filtration is provided by the revolutionary and patented BIO-Wheel - proven best at removing toxic ammonia and nitrite.

Mar Penguin 200 Power Filter W/Bio Wheel