Sentry Calming Behavior Spray for Dogs  1 oz

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Sentry Calming Behavior Spray for Dogs 1 oz

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For more than a decade SENTRY has worked side by side with leading pet experts and top universities researching safe effective ways to help pets lead happier less stressful lives and to strengthen their bonds with their owners. Dogs and puppies can?t talk so the way they show they are scared frustrated or not feeling well is to change their behavior like excessive barking destructive chewing marking inside your home and antisocial behavior. SENTRY?s scientifically proven pheromone technology provides a safe and effective way to deal with these changes without any negative long-term side effects. SENTRY Calming Spray for Dogs uses a pheromone to help reduce stress ? all with no messy applications. Just one quick spray can be used daily or occasionally as needed on your dog or puppy?s familiar items like their collar carrier favorite blanket or toy. Good behavior is right around the corner with SENTRY in-home calming products.

Sentry 1Oz Calming Spray