Zoo Med ReptiBark Natural Reptile Bedding  24 qt


Zoo Med ReptiBark Natural Reptile Bedding 24 qt

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Simulate a natural tropical habitat and create a comfortable environment for your pet with this Reptile Bark. It s made of 100 percent pure douglas fir to provide an ideal substrate for green iguanas and other cold-blooded species that enjoy humidity. This small animal bedding goes through a triple cleaning process to remove sticks dust and dirt. It aids in shedding and breathing. The smaller size of the bedding prevents crickets from hiding in the substrate while still allowing for pet burrowing and digging. This Reptile Bark isn t heat-treated so it allows the bark to absorb and retain moisture that then gets redistributed into the air of the tank. It s also washable and reusable. Just soak this reptile bedding in hot water every few months and return it back to the terrarium once dry.

Zoomed Repti Bark Bedding 24Qt