Zoo Med Little Dripper for Reptiles and Amphibians


Zoo Med Little Dripper for Reptiles and Amphibians

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Zoo Med Little Dripper Zoo Meds Drippers simulate natural rainfall and provide humidity for captive reptiles. The Dripper has a folding handle lid that allows you to suspend the dripper above the enclosure. Especially helpful for animals that do not readily drink standing water and instead drink dew from leaves (i.e. Old World Chameleons). Our drippers are available in two sizes the one gallon Big Dipper and the 70oz Little Dripper.Color : Blacks & GraysSize : 70 OuncesFeatures :Drip water system simulates the rainfall in your reptiles natural environment while adding beneficial humidity to his terrariumEasy to clean plastic system features adjustable dripper valve and convenient carrying and hanging handle

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