Trixie Slow Feeding Pillars 13.8-inch Mat


Trixie Slow Feeding Pillars 13.8-inch Mat

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Does your dog inhale, rather than chew, their food? Although speed eating isn’t a cause for concern, the possible side effects can be unhealthy. Choking. Vomiting. Discomfort. Bloat. The TRIXIE Slow Feeding Mat is a 2-in-1 fun, engaging, and interactive way to slow feed your pet. There are many pet benefits to using a slow feeder and licking mat: Improves digestion - using a slow feeder slows your pet's eating leading to greater satisfaction and minimizing bloating. Weight control - slowing their eating helps them feel satisfied sooner, reducing caloric intake. Keeps them busy - when our lives are extremely hectic, your dog’s mental health can benefit from enrichment by using a lick mat. Ease anxiety - did you know licking releases relaxing hormones to help dogs calm down? Use the TRIXIE Slow Feeding Mat by placing their favorite flavors on the plate to keep them distracted and happy. Key Benefits: How does it work? Designed with separations and barriers, so your dog must use more effort, precision, and time to finish their meal Benefits include better digestion, weight control, mental stimulation, ease of anxiety, and a boredom buster Perfect 2-in-1 feeder; can be used as a slow feeder and licking mat BPA-free and easy to clean – top-rack dishwasher safe Non-slip bottom to help keep in place Trixie Slow Feeding Pilars Mat

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