Steve's Real Freeze Dried Probiotic Bars 4 oz Lamb

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Steve's Real Freeze Dried Probiotic Bars 4 oz Lamb

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Steve's Real Food Lamb Protein Bites, powered by Gussy’s Gut, are a simple and delicious way to help support your pet’s digestive tract. These treats are for dogs and cats. Protein Bites use free-range lamb to deliver the power of fermentation to your pet in the most palatable way. Lamb is a tasty option for picky eaters or dogs with other protein sensitivities. The "wild fermentation" process used in the custom superfood blend by Gussy's Gut provides pre, pro, and post biotics to contribute to a diverse microbiome in your pet's gut. Protein Bites are a freeze-dried treat for dogs and cats. This product is powered by Gussy’s Gut organic fermented superfood blend, human-grade lamb, coconut oil, and locally-sourced raw honey. Protein Bites are a delicious, healthy way to add whole living foods to your pet’s bowl. 80% meat and 20% fermented product blend. The high meat content means the treats are tastier than many other fermented food options on the market today. Treats sold in 4oz bags Available in USA, Canada, and select Asian markets Grass-fed, grass-finished New Zealand lambSteves Real 4Oz Fd Lamb Probiotic Bars

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