Pretty Bird Daily Select Premium Bird Food

Pretty Bird

Pretty Bird Daily Select Premium Bird Food

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Pretty Pets Pretty Bird Daily Select Premium Bird Food contains 14% protein and 5% fat. Weve combined the best ingredients with the proper levels of vitamins and minerals to create the highest quality food available. Fortified with vitamins and minerals Finest quality ingredients with No Sugar Vetrinarian and breeder recommended premium bird food Pretty Birds colors and shapes give your pet a feeling of free choice while offering great nutrition in every bite. Daily Select Small is for Parakeets Lovebirds Cockatiels small Conures Ring Necks and similar sized birds. Feeding Guide: Large Pellet - Recommended for Macaws Large Cockatoos and other large sized hookbills. Medium Pellet - Recommended for Cocatoos African Greys Amazons Large Conures and other Medium sized Hookbills. Small Pellet - Recommended for Parakeets Cockatiels Lovebirds Small Conures and other Small sized Hookbills.

Pretty Bird Select Large 3#