PetSafe Seaside Stainless Pet Fountain

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PetSafe Seaside Stainless Pet Fountain

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Help your cat stay happy healthy and hydrated with the PetSafe Seaside Stainless Pet Fountain. Pet fountains continuously provide your pet with fresh filtered water. Cats and dogs are attracted to flowing water which encourages them to drink more water and supports their overall health. This pet fountain holds 60 oz of water which is the perfect size for your cat or small dog. The quiet design of the fountain causes the water to softly bubble over the stainless tower (as opposed to a free-falling stream) which allows shy or timid cats to feel comfortable approaching the fountain. The fountain uses a pump carbon filter and foam filter that work together to remove pet hair saliva and bad tastes from the water so they always have clean water to drink. The stainless-steel fountain is made from high-quality materials that are hygienic scratch resistant and rust resistant. When it is time to clean the fountain place the stainless tower and bowl in the top shelf of your dishwasher and clean the pump by hand.

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