Cosmic Catnip Genuine Catnip Cat Treat  3 oz.


Cosmic Catnip Genuine Catnip Cat Treat 3 oz.

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The Catnip Jar has organic grass ingredients to get your cat excited and rolling around. As one of the strongest herbaceous plants made it has been scientifically formulated to be the most potent produced in America. This genuine cosmic catnip contains all-natural herb additives. With a strong aromatic fragrance the floret will incite playful behavior in your cat. Your little companion may be able to sniff the grass far away. You can sprinkle some catnip flowers on your pet s favorite play toy or scratcher to encourage exercise. Cats react to catnip by rolling flipping running around and may even zone out. Place some on the floor so you little cat can enjoy.

Cosmic Catnip Jar 3Oz

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