Petlinks Silly Chute Activity Cat Tunnel


Petlinks Silly Chute Activity Cat Tunnel

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Pet links silly chute activity cat Tunnel has crinkle fringe dangling ribbons Slinky like open springy end that really excites cats for endless pouncing playing batting and hiding. This update on a favorite tunnel expands to 20 inches long when cats run through the tunnel a rustling sound is produced a proven attractant to cats It sounds like prey scurrying through the grass and leaves. Satisfy your cat s need for stimulation with our easy to expand and collapse silly chute activity tunnel. Pet links products enhance the way that people and Pets live and play together. The Innovations behind our thoughtful fun and effective products are driven by consumer Insights extensive research and thorough testing. Incorporating sustainable and organic MATERIALS whenever possible Our products are designed to child safety standards and are backed by our 100% satisfaction so pet parents can rest easy with Pet links products!

Worldwise Silly Chute Cat Tunnel

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