Petlinks Scratch and Play Mat Cat Scratcher


Petlinks Scratch and Play Mat Cat Scratcher

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Petlinks Scratch and Play mat features a paw-pleasing jute and sisal mixture along with a feathered ribbon toy to ensure a solution that works for the most finicky felines. Invite your cat to scratch a little, play a little and then nap a little! Comes with a healthy dose of Petlinks Pure Bliss Catnip to attract and excite your cat. Quality denim finishing makes this an easy addition to any style of home decor. Woven sisal and jute mimic natural surfaces found in nature that cats love. Scratching helps cats stretch, tone muscles and even helps alleviate stress. Petlinks innovative cat scratchers offer various combinations of scratch surfaces and angles to please any cat and redirect natural scratching behavior away from furnishings. Eco Advantages: Scratching surface is made with real jute and sisal, quick growing natural materials. Catnip is grown without pesticides or chemicals on our own catnip farms.Petlinks products enhance the way that people and pets live and play together. The innovations behind our

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