Rep-Cal Herptivite Supplement 3.2oz Multi-Colored

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Rep-Cal Herptivite Supplement 3.2oz Multi-Colored

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Net Weight 3.3 oz (93.5g) Vitamin deficiencies can be a major problem in captive bred reptiles and amphibians. Animals with deficiencies can experience slower growth organ failures fertility complications develop deformities have trouble consuming their food and can die as a result. You can learn more about We take proper nutrition very seriously! Rep-Cal Herptivite Multivitamin is a staple in all of our captive bred animal diets. It s formulation contains natural source ingredients with a base of sea vegetation which is rich in essential trace elements and minerals. Herptivite contains proper levels of vitamins and minerals combine in perfect balance for many aspects of your reptile s bodily functions. It uses Beta Carotene rather than Vitamin A so there is no threat of Vitamin A toxicity. Beta Carotene is an anti-oxidant that is converted to Vitamin A after consumed. It s powder form allows for evenly coating on insects and foods and easy mixing. Rep-Cal packages their supplements in durable airtight

Rep Cal Herptivite 3.2Oz

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