Nuggets Healthy 12oz Bone Broth Butter Beef

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Nuggets Healthy 12oz Bone Broth Butter Beef

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Featuring a proprietary premium blend of organic raw, fermented turmeric blend with ginger & kefir from the American Turmeric Company (ATC). This blend is truly unique because it contains raw fermented probiotic turmeric, which provides unique enzymes & essential oils that are preserved by the fermentation process. ATC’s patent-pending fermentation process unlocks the potency of the fermented turmeric to obtain the highest possible levels of curcumin (widely considered the “superstar” compound in turmeric). Therefore, enhancing the bioavailability (absorption) of the product. In addition, we’ve included kefir probiotics to improve gut microbiomes. *A study in the International Journal of Food Science & Technology found the bioavailability of curcumin increased when the turmeric was fermented.Nuggets Healthy 12Oz Beef Bonebroth Butter

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