Stella & Chewy's Freshmade Meat-A-Palooza, 16z

Stella & Chewy

Stella & Chewy's Freshmade Meat-A-Palooza, 16z

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100% Human grade whole foods Made with only the good stuff – 60% nutrient-rich meats & organ meats paired with healthy fruits, veggies, superfoods, botanicals & tasty bone broth Irresistible taste of fresh, real food Juicy beef bone broth adds taste and tender texture Meaty mix of red meats with grass-feed beef as the #1 ingredient Poultry-free, grain-free & legume-free recipe Protein-rich, low carb meal ideal for active dogs Taurine added to support overall heart health Packed in BPA-free pouches, gently sous-vide cooked, then flash frozen to preserve taste & nutrition Just thaw & serve as a complete meal or tasty topper Board-certified vet nutritionist reviewed Stella Cooked 16Oz Meat A Palooza

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