AQUATOP AP-30 BREZA Air Pump  Up To 40 Gallons


AQUATOP AP-30 BREZA Air Pump Up To 40 Gallons

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AQUATOP s BREZA Series of aquarium of air pumps gives aquatic creatures the oxygen they need to thrive. Available in different sizes the BREZA AP-30 handles tanks up to 40 gallons. This economical but sturdy pump adds air bubbles creates current and agitates the water s surface to help promote gas exchange. The BREZA Series will also help maintain stable and healthy pH levels inside your aquarium. Features: Very low energy consumption High air flow output Super quiet operation Max psi at 2.90 Suitable for aquarium up to 40 gallons For both fresh and saltwater use. Specifications: Tank Capacity: Up to 40 Gals Number of Outlets: 1 Control Knob: No L/Min: 1.5 Pressure Max: 2.90 psi Wattage: 3W User Manual DOWNLOAD MANUAL

Aquatop 40Gal Breza Air Pump