Koha Cat Minimal Ingredient Turkey Stew 5.5oz

Koha (Was Mauri)

Koha Cat Minimal Ingredient Turkey Stew 5.5oz

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Ideal for food sensitivities, digestive issues, and picky eatersKOHA Minimal Ingredient Turkey Stew for cats is a moisture-rich recipe packed with cuts of meat in a savory gravy. With meat as the first ingredient and no carb-loaded fillers like grains, peas, potatoes, or corn that can lead to digestive issues, KOHA minimal ingredient stews are ideal for cats with food sensitivities. These recipes include the beneficial ingredients of pumpkin for healthy digestion, New Zealand green mussel to support joint health, and cranberries for urinary tract health. Single Meat Increases Hydration Easy To Digest No Carb-loaded Fillers or Preservatives New Zealand Green Mussel Promotes Joint Health Pumpkin Supports Digestion Cranberries for Urinary Tract HealthKoha Gf 5.5Oz Turk Stew Cat

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