Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Cat Mini Nibs 12oz Duck

Vital Essentials

Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Cat Mini Nibs 12oz Duck

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Product Description: Savor the taste of delectable duck! Our complete and balanced healthy cat food has everything your little hunter needs to thrive and play with true feline confidence. Naturally rich in iron, copper and calcium, duck meat also contains twice as much Vitamin K as chicken. This freeze-dried duck cat food is made with real meat, vital organs and bone. Our proprietary “slow” freeze-drying process doesn’t destroy natural enzymes and nutrients in the food. Combat food allergies by excluding “junky” ingredients like additives and artificial preservatives. Our grain free, limited ingredient duck cat food utilizes real, raw protein instead of unhealthy, carb-heavy fillers. This natural cat food can be fed as a balanced meal, or a protein supplement to take your cat’s diet to the next level. Packaging May Vary. Product Benefits: REAL, RAW MEAT: Feed your little lion! As obligate carnivores, cats need real meat to stay fit and well. Your hunter will thrive on the protein-packed raw meat in this delicious and healthy cat food. FREEZE-DRIED DUCK CAT FOOD: Intensive processing would break down nutrients, but our unique slow freeze-drying process locks them in — so this natural cat food stays fresh from farm to bowl. NO GRAINS, ONLY GOODNESS: Our grain free cat food contains no added fillers, dyes, flavorings, artificial preservatives or rendered by-products. It’s the ultimate limited ingredient duck cat food! NUTRITIOUS DUCK CAT FOOD: Duck meat is a heart-healthy poultry, naturally rich in calcium, iron and copper. Our duck cat food is a healthy choice for your cat, proudly made and packaged in the USA. PATTIES CUSTOMIZED TO YOUR CAT: Crumble and mix with water for a moist meal, or feed this dry cat food as is. This raw duck cat food is shelf-safe and long-lasting in a convenient resealable pouch. Vital Fd 8Oz Duck Mini Patties Cat

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