Pangea Fruit Mix Crested Gecko Diet; Fig & Insects  8 oz

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Pangea Fruit Mix Crested Gecko Diet; Fig & Insects 8 oz

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Our new gecko diet formula with the delicious taste of Organic Fig and insects. This Banana free formula has a strong Fig smell and flavor to entice your picky geckos to really chow down. The absence of bananas is perfect for geckos that don t seem to really like banana flavor foods. By using other base fruits we were able to incorporate fig into the diet while still maintaining very low levels of Oxalic acid. We have incorporated crickets and black soldier fly larvae as the main source of protein as well as organically grown mealworms to increase the Omega fatty acid content. This formula has twice the amount of insects as our original With Insects formula. Pangea Fig & Insects mixes up a bit thinner than other formulas due to not having the banana as an ingredient but the geckos seem to like this thinner mix. It can be more difficult to see lick marks so we recommend offering smaller amounts to begin with so you can see it disappear.

Pangea Crested Fig 8Oz