The Company of Animals - Pet Corrector  50ml

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The Company of Animals - Pet Corrector 50ml

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Created by Dr. Roger Mugford from The Company of Animals makers of quality pet brands including Halti Baskerville and Clix. Used and recommended by trainers and behaviorist throughout the world. At the Company of Animals we are passionate about creating behavior enhancing products to improve the relationship between people and their dogs. The purpose of the Pet Corrector is to gain the dog?s attention at the instant they are exhibiting an unwanted behavior. When the Pet Corrector emits a hissing sound the dog is distracted and the owner can then insert a positive command and reward. Pet Corrector should always be used responsibly it should never be pointed directly into an animal?s face. It is not recommended for use with young puppies noise sensitive or nervous dogs. Product includes comprehensive training instructions to ensure correct use. Sizes: 30ML 50ML 200ML Handy holster available for 50ML can.

Comp 50Ml Pet Correct