Fussie Cat Tuna with Salmon Puree

Fussie/ Zignature

Fussie Cat Tuna with Salmon Puree

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Indulge your feline friend with these delicious and creamy Fussie Cat Puree Cat Treats. They come in individually wrapped tubes of rich velvety and tasty puree in 8 delectable flavors*. Each recipe has zero grains artificial preservatives or colors which makes it a purr-fect addition to your cat?s healthy diet. Highly palatable Fussie Cat Puree Cat Treats feature tuna or chicken to make it easy to share fun and joyful moments with your cat. Serve it as a topper for your cat?s favorite meal or straight out of the tube as a delicious paw-some snack.

Fussie Puree 4Pk Tuna Salmon